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Are you......

2008-05-09 18:25:05 by Dethklokfan13

Going to post a comment?


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2008-05-09 19:36:27

Maybe later on. I'm a bit tired now.

Dethklokfan13 responds:

That's quite alright


2008-05-09 22:19:59

Define comment

Dethklokfan13 responds:

A response to one's post, example: I commented on his blog and got a response from it and that made me happy so I sent him a PM and he sent me one back and that also made me happy so I started talking back and forth though PM's but then I realized I had school the next day, but instead of going to sleep I PMed my freind and did not go to school the next day, so then I missed a big test, and failed the grade I was in, so then I had to go to summer school to make it up, and summer school was boring so when it was over I was glad, but not glad for to long because regular school had started back up and that upset me, but at least by going to summer school I had passed into the next grade and so forth I was happy, I got a good grade on my homework assinment, so my dad got me a new toy from the toy store because I did real good on my work and he was pround and I was happy because I had got a new toy so I went home and played with it, but then I got tired so I went to sleep and woke up the next day and went to school and got another good grade so I asked my dad if he could buy me another toy but he said "no" I just got you one yesterday so I said okay and went into my room and killed myself out of boredom and then came back as a ghost because I fell on a tree when God tried to kick me down to hell for killing myself. But that's ok cause I'm a ghost and I can do cool ghost things. and then satan came and killed everyone.