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The flaw with the review system

2008-05-20 07:58:46 by Dethklokfan13

You know, ever hate it when you speak the truth about a flash, and a bunch of dumbass whiners mark it as abusive? I do, When I reviewed the insanely retarded flash game "Kill Salad Fingers", I spoke the truth saying it was just some idiotic spam flash and how I wish I could give it less than a 0/5. Well guess what? Bitchy whining little fuckhead kids rampage in and mark it as useless. Take a look at the review, Is there anything untruthful in it? Better yet play that dumbass game first, then read my review.


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2008-05-20 08:00:39

i wasnt even offensive and i now has perminent ban :3

Dethklokfan13 responds:

What shitty flash did you review?


2008-05-20 11:26:14

No-ones gives a fuck fart what you think.

Dont like it? dont review it, simple as that, dickwad.

(Updated ) Dethklokfan13 responds:

Well dickwad, thats why most of your reviews are marked as useless. And, whats the point of not reviewing it just because I don't like it? Your reviews are shittier than bigjuicy's! (I have nothing against him)


2008-05-24 20:37:11

hey doberman mcasshole if you dont like the flash review it anyway idiot its so other people know its crappy


2008-06-09 22:36:43

same thing happened to me i reveiwed THE SAME THING!! and some tard blammed it