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The nice users list.

2008-05-07 13:31:12 by Dethklokfan13



miss any?

Note to all flash artists.

2008-05-07 10:58:38 by Dethklokfan13

I am making a audio submission for horror flashes or for the sad moments in flash movies, if anyone's intrested, I'll have the link here when it's done--- Deth reviews.

Need an extra review for your upcoming flash project?

2008-05-06 23:24:56 by Dethklokfan13

I am doing something kinda like the "review crew", I'm starting up something called Deth reviews, and if you want a review that's not a crappy one line one, or a whole bunch of insults then contact me though this post or a PM (please provide link to flash aswell). (If I happen to give a "not good" review it will be full of contructive criticism not shit like "this sucks" or "make it better") So come on in, it's free.

Not really new, just an alt. but what the hell I missed the good 'ole days of being made fun of for being new, so HAVE AT IT!