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2008-06-11 13:09:46 by Dethklokfan13



This is your right......

2008-06-04 14:30:39 by Dethklokfan13

Your gonna die!

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I have a stolen passed judgment flash that I would like to report, can you help me? I PMed Wade but that did no good. Any help?

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More and more......

2008-05-29 06:46:43 by Dethklokfan13

Spam flashes have been passing judgment, what the fuck? I waste my time watching the piece of shit give it the 0 it deserves, and I come back next day to see that it's clinging by it's dick with a low score! Why Newgrounds? STOP SPAM NOW! Thank you assholes who give it a 5 just because it "looked" good.

Hey Newgrounds......

2008-05-22 00:36:53 by Dethklokfan13

I'm..... pregnant..... will you take care of it with me.... build a life with the baby you made?

You know, ever hate it when you speak the truth about a flash, and a bunch of dumbass whiners mark it as abusive? I do, When I reviewed the insanely retarded flash game "Kill Salad Fingers", I spoke the truth saying it was just some idiotic spam flash and how I wish I could give it less than a 0/5. Well guess what? Bitchy whining little fuckhead kids rampage in and mark it as useless. Take a look at the review, Is there anything untruthful in it? Better yet play that dumbass game first, then read my review.

I've been trying to upload some more audio for you guys but, it never finishes uploading for some reason, I left the computer on overnight once and my audio still was not done uploading, which is strange because I have a good, fast computer.......

Why I think god is real

2008-05-11 15:14:06 by Dethklokfan13

Most of Newgrounds hates and criticises people who express their religon here on Newgrounds, Now I'm not the kind of person who forces religon on folks, and could care less what you belive in everyone is equal to me. Well anyway the reason I belive in him is because when I was a young boy about four years old my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given a four precent chance of survival, now instead of lying around in bed all day, she went out with me, we road bikes, had picnics, played Mario Kart 64 together...... and then came the day of the Kemo...... she was sick all of the time, but she still took me out to eat, and to the beach...... Then came the day of the surgery, I was four at the time so I really didn't know my mom was dying, dad asked me to pray with him each night for mom. And I said, why? Moms fine isn't she? Well it turns out, all of that praying had paid off, mom came out healthy and cancer free, but this was not the end of miricales my family would be blessed with.

A few years later when I was in the second grade mom got colon cancer, the same cancer that killed my grandfather a week back (didn't shake me to much, I never got to meet him, but.....) she, yet again went into the hospital and was given a 30 percent chance of survial. But guess what? Me and dad and our pastor at the time went to hospital and had a big prayer with the docters and nurses before some kind of surgery they had to perform (I was young I don't really remember to much) and yet again, she came out living. Now in the future when I was in the eighth grade, they said she might have liver cancer, we prayed before she went to the hospital, and guess what? No liver cancer...... Now I am not saying that this indefanitly proves God is real, it could have been a series of lucky happenings, or something else. I just want to prove to you Newgrounds, that I am not some dumbass attetion whore who goes around the forums blasting off about God and how you all are gonna die if you don't go to church, thats some BS, you have your own beliefs you stick right with them, it's your life choice, and NO ONE has the right to change it, not even, well you know......

Are you......

2008-05-09 18:25:05 by Dethklokfan13

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